Johnny Murdaugh, Jr. is a proud native of Orangeburg, SC.  Murdaugh’s music skills is impeccable on the alto and soprano saxophones, as he creates breathtakingly beautiful and soul-stirring melodies. His rich musical journey spans various genres, including jazz, smooth jazz, instrumental pop, R&B, and contemporary Gospel.  He has a wealth of experience as an educator, musician, producer, and songwriter.  Immerse yourself in the magic of Murdaugh’s first solo project, since his last released back in 1994.   Murdaugh has dedicated his life to perfecting his craft, and his passion shines through in every note he plays. Get ready to groove to the funky, soul-stirring, and lyrical sounds that, promises an experience that will leave an everlasting impression on your soul.

He began his musical journey at a young age. He started showcasing his talents in church events, singing and playing the autoharp before even taking up the saxophone. After completing his education at the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Orangeburg Wilkinson High School, Johnny pursued his passion for music at South Carolina State University and Northern Illinois University. Additionally, he obtained a doctorate in educational administration from The University of Sarasota. A testament to his remarkable musical career, Johnny was inducted into the South Carolina State University Jazz Hall of Fame in 1991. While Johnny has dedicated 30 years to education, taking on various roles such as a middle and high school band director, District Career and Technology Director and a college adjunct applied instructor, he currently serves as a principal at a Career and Technology Center where he helps high school age children prepare themselves to be employable and competitive.

Notable achievements in his musical career include being part of the All-American College Band for the Walt Disney World Company in 1990 and performing at the renowned Piccolo-Spoleto Festival in 1993. Johnny’s musical talent extends to his discography, having released three albums: one self-titled album in 1991, “How Do I Say I Love You” in 1992, and a single titled “O Holy Night” in 2013 and a series of singles will be released in August, September, October and November of 2023 to Celebrate 30 years in Music.